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67% of Americans Favor Paying For College Athletes: Sportico/Harris Poll

Survey shows most people want college athletes to be paid. You hear that, NCAA?

COVID set students back, but there's good news on mental health as new school year starts

Brief 3 min Read

How Parents View Their Children's Mental Health

Recruitment Strategies Should Target New Grads And Entry-Level Hires

America is suffering a childhood character crisis

90% of 2023 graduates think college is really worth it. Here's why they're right - and politicians and pundits are wrong

Is College Worth It? It Depends

Brief 2 min Read

Nine in 10 graduating students believe their college education will enable them to achieve the lifestyle they want

Harris Poll: Chicagoans are ready for CPS to make a positive change

Harris Poll: CPS sets an ambitious path for success, but public holds little optimism for improvement

What Memorable Things Did You Learn in 2022?

Survey Said: Ten Polls That Generated The Most Interest In 2022

There's student debt common ground to build on

Real reasons to save midtier private colleges

84% of parents learned more about their kids' education during COVID pandemic, survey says

What colleges can do right now to help alleviate the mental health crisis on campus

5 ways parents can help protect their kids' mental health at college

Crisis on campus: 60% of college kids are living with mental health disorders, and schools are woefully unprepared

Poll: Americans value "health and safety" over in-person learning

Brief 3 min Read

Parents Still Struggle to Save for College

Harris Poll finds 82% of parents have a greater appreciation for teachers since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic

Brief 2 min Read

Lesson Learned: Parents’ Post-Pandemic Education Preferences for their School-Aged Children

Op-Ed: A return to 'normal' education isn't what kids need

Teachers on Reddit reveal the new Gen Z school cliques: "It's just all over the place now"

Brief 3 min Read

Americans Pull Back Support on Student Loan Debt Forgiveness

Increasingly urgent and polarized conversations surrounding the student loan debt crisis may actually have convinced fewer Americans to support student loan debt cancelation.

Brief 4 min Read

Americans Want to End Standardized Tests for Good

Three in five Americans agree that U.S. colleges and universities should stop requiring standardized test scores altogether.

60% of Americans believe colleges should drop the SAT

The limits of Biden's plan to cancel student debt

Brief 6 min Read

Americans Overwhelmingly Support Student Debt Reform

The majority of Americans support reforms to student loans and education costs, and most think the new presidential administration is up to the task.

Are Americans Turning 'Socialist' About Student Debt?

The pandemic is taking a toll on children's mental health. We need to prioritize returning them to the classroom.

Virtual classes? In person? Turns out, most parents just want school canceled until spring

The U.S. education system is in crisis. Now's the time to reinvent it


The Class of COVID-19


Text Anxiety: Online-Learning and Home Schooling

Case Study 2 min Read

LEGO Group Kicks Off Global Program To Inspire The Next Generation Of Space Explorers As NASA Celebrates 50 Years Of Moon Landing

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