A Marketer’s Guide to the Metaverse Consumer


Learn more about the six metaverse marketing consumers segments.

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For most Americans, “metaverse” is still an ambiguous and complex term, one that means everything and nothing is largely conveyed via marketing hype. Which raises the question as a Marketer: who will be your. customer in the metaverse? What will bring them there, what will make them stay? How can your brand be part of the best the metaverse has to offer?

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Inside the report, you’ll learn about six metaverse consumer segments:

  • What they know about the metaverse and how they feel about it
  • Their motivations for exploring the metaverse
  • What worries they might have about the metaverse
  • What they’d like to see from marketers


This survey was conducted online within the United States by The Harris Poll from Jan 27, 2022 to February 2, 2022 among a representative sample of 1,007 US adults ages 18-54. This online survey is not based on a probability sample and therefore no estimate of theoretical sampling error can be calculated. For complete survey methodology, including weighting variables, please contact The Harris Poll.

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