In the height of Summer Vacation Travel Season, we find ourselves in a situation where some states are slowly starting to reopen while others are introducing new restrictions – including 14-day quarantine orders for some areas.

In the midst of this Pandemic, travel behavior is adapting. However, consumers are still hesitant to travel and look for options that they deem to be safest.

Notably, just three out of ten (29%) indicated that they planned a leisure trip between June and September of this year. Further, less than half (47%) indicate that they will take a leisure trip between now and the end of 2020. The remaining half of consumers will not travel at all for leisure purposes until 2021 or later.

In the current climate, hotels are preferred over vacation rental properties. On their next leisure trip…

  • 45% will stay at a hotel
  • 26% will stay at a friend or relative’s house
  • 14% will include a stay at an Airbnb or other vacation rental house
  • 10% will take a “staycation”, staying close to home and not requiring overnight accommodations

Further, consumers are more comfortable staying at a hotel vs. a vacation rental property…

  • 55% are comfortable staying at a hotel vs. 42% who say they are comfortable renting a vacation rental property.
  • 65% say that, in terms of sanitation practices, staying at a hotel is a safer option than staying at an Airbnb or other vacation rental.

Erica Parker

Managing Director

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