1: Pedialyte: One Brand, Many Users – Case Study

For more than 50 years, parents have trusted Pedialyte to rehydrate their sick children. More recently, Pedialyte has looked beyond children to serve dehydrated adults – travelers, alcohol drinkers, and exercise-enthusiasts. While unusual for a brand to simultaneously market to such distinct groups, it seems to be working (according to QuestBrand data). 

  • Previously, Pedialyte sales would rise during cold and flu season. Marketing to adults has steadied their sales throughout the calendar year. 
  • Now, adult consumers (buying Pedialyte for their own use) make up at least half of Pedialyte’s overall sales. 
  • Download the case study to learn how Pedialyte has successfully attracted these new types of buyers. 

2: What Candies will the Easter Bunny Bring this Year?

With Spring holidays quickly approaching, The Harris Poll conducted a survey on behalf of Instacart to reveal Americans’ favorite Easter candies and Passover foods. 

  • Of those who plan to celebrate Easter this year, a whopping 92% plan to buy candy. 

  • More than half of those buying candy plan to purchase jelly beans (51%), while slightly fewer (42%) plan to pick up marshmallow Peeps. 
  • Reece’s Peanut Butter Eggs are the number one selling candy in 29 states. 

  • Food is also an important component of the Passover celebration, with orders of matzah expected to increase +300%. Sales of lamb (+97%), matzo ball soup mix (+73%), gefilte fish (+58%), and brisket (+53%) will also see a holiday surge. 

3: Should Brands Rethink their Super Bowl Advertising Strategies?

More than a month out from Super Bowl LVII, we’ve taken a step back to evaluate advertisers’ strengths and weaknesses to determine what creative strategies brands should bring to next year’s Big Game: 

  • Room for improvement. Little more than half (58%) of Super Bowl 2023 viewers were satisfied with this year’s ads. 
  • Give the people what they want. When Super Bowl viewers were asked what type of ads they want to see during next year’s game, half (49%) wanted more unique ads in 2024. 
  • Ads must go beyond the typical TV format. Forty-seven percent of Super Bowl LVII viewers used multiple devices to watch the game. 
  • Make it clear. Of viewers that had a favorite 2023 Super Bowl ad, only 14% noticed a call-to-action from the advertising brand. 

You’ve gotten a sneak peak, now click to read all our Super Bowl ad insights. 

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