1: Automotive: An Industry Snapshot 

Our recent report on the state of the automotive industry explores consumer sentiment towards electric vehicles and the car-buying process. Using QuestBrand data, we rank the leading automotive brands by brand equity and growth. Here are some key takeaways:   

  • More than half of Gen Z (56%) and Millennial (63%) adults said it is likely their next vehicle will be electric. 
  • Two-thirds (66%) of US adults agree they would rather pay a set “best available” price for a car than haggle to get a better deal. 
  • Almost half (45%) of US adults would be at least somewhat comfortable purchasing their next vehicle through an online-only car dealership. 

Download our report for a deeper dive into these and other emerging automotive trends. 

2: Did the Launch of LIV Golf Turn the Heads of PGA Tour Fans? – Brand Spotlight

The PGA Tour has been the gold standard of professional golf tours since the early 1900s, boasting the top talent and largest tournament purses. Their dominance was challenged in June 2022 when LIV Golf held their first tournament. See how PGA Tour fans reacted to this Saudi-backed upstart:      

  • According to QuestBrand data, the PGA Tour’s perceived brand momentum (-12.4) experienced a significant drop among fans after the first LIV event.  
  • Did the launch of LIV result in lower PGA Tour viewership? Read our brand story to find out.  

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