• Do social media platforms favor Republicans or Democrats? Half of Democrats (47%) say social media platforms favor neither party, while (38%) say they favor fellow Democrats and (15%) say they favor Republicans. Republicans are more divided: (40%) say they favor Democrats and one-third (32%) say they favor fellow Republicans; only one-quarter (27%) say they favor neither.
  • (68%) of Women say social media platforms should censor information they believe to be false/ misleading vs (59%) of Men.
  • Three-fifths (59%) of Boomers say people on their social media feeds are mostly posting misleading information vs:
    • (50%) of Gen Z/Millennials
    • (51%) of Gen X
    • (53%) of Seniors


This survey (Wave 14) was conducted online within the U.S. by The Harris Poll from May 29 – 31 among a nationally representative sample of 1,965 U.S. adults.

Annie Prunsky

Annie Prunsky

Director of Marketing

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