One-fifth of Americans (21%) say there is nothing that would make them feel safe to attend a sporting event or large venue event again post COVID-19; higher than flying on a plane (15%), going out to eat at a restaurant (14%), or returning to work (9%).

Transparent tracing: Feeling safe to fly in a plane again requires guaranteed hygienic wiping down of seats (55%), hand sanitizer handed out with snacks (54%), mandatory masks for passengers and crew (46%), (45%) planes configured for social distancing (e.g., no middle seats) and required temperature tests for all on board (45%). But how can airlines do all this and manage profitability? United cuts May flights by 90%.

No more open floor plans: In order to feel safe returning to work (61%) want policies requiring sick employees to stay home; (59%) cleaning services guaranteeing hygienic wipe downs; (57%) sanitizer at every desk/conference table; (48%) meetings no bigger than 10 people; (47%) desks spaced 6-feet apart; (47%) required temperature tests for employees and visitors.


Wave 8 of The Harris Poll COVID-19 Tracker was conducted online on April 18-20, 2020 among 2,029 U.S. adults.

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