• We found also that more trust means more data: In our privacy polling with The WSJ, a majority (60%) support giving government access to their mobile location data (anonymized) to track social distancing; (71%) are willing to share their own location to receive alerts about their potential exposure; almost two thirds (65%) support a public registry and (84%)  mandatory health screenings to enter public places; (77%) back businesses hosting events like concerts or conferences conduct health screenings.
  • Inequality is surfacing as data is shared: Poor people are less likely to stay home according to mobile tracking data.
  • Facebook’s data for good compiles aggregate data to governments and health officials is (according to Axios) “one of the most important tools tech companies can provide to help respond to COVID,” Zuckerberg says.
  • Republicans are slightly more skeptical: (19%) disapprove, vs (13%) of Democrats. Approval is higher among Seniors (88%) than Gen Z/Millennials (78%).


Wave 8 of The Harris Poll COVID-19 Tracker was conducted online on April 18-20, 2020 among 2,029 U.S. adults.

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