By: Alison Durkee | Forbes | Dec 1, 2021 TOPLINE A broad majority of U.S. adults are concerned about the recently identified omicron variant of the coronavirus and fear it will bring a new surge in
City of Chicago and the surrounding suburbs
By: Kristen Mack & John Palfrey | John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation | Nov 30, 2021 Residents of Chicago see gun violence as its biggest problem and agree that the police department
The Harris Poll and the MacArthur Foundation team up to understand if Chicago residents' perspectives on public safety in Chicago have changed as 2021 draws to a close.
The MacArthur Foundation teamed up with the Harris Poll to see how Chicagoans’ perspectives on public safety in Chicago have changed since we first explored the topic in Q1 2021. What we found is a
Nightlife in Chicago
By: William Johnson | Crain's Chicago Business | Nov 22, 2021 Chicago is the largest Midwestern city, but residents don't think the city's entertainment, culture and nightlife are keeping pace with
By: Sonny Bunch | The Washington Post | Nov 10, 2021 Millennials are the serial killers of our time. Millennials are killing home ownership, we’re killing casual dining, we’re killing weddin