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Will Johnson in Seven

New study shows U.S. support for engagement with North Korea and China

Brief 2 min Read

Attitudes toward U.S. Relationships with North Korea and China: AFSC-Harris Poll

Will Johnson: Why Lightfoot - or almost anyone else - could win the mayoral election

Harris Poll: Chicagoans favor unions more than they support paying for public pensions

Brief 4 min Read

Chicagoans expect to exercise their right to vote for mayor next month—just not sure for whom

Poll Positions

42% of Americans say it’s up to local government to fix homelessness. Can they? [Grid/Harris Poll]

Crypto Issues A Factor For 37% Of U.S. Voters, Study Finds

Once-in-a-Generation Wealth Boom Ends For America's Middle Class

America Is Less Divided Than We Think, Says Harris Poll's CEO

Divide between Republicans and Democrats over flu shots deepens in covid's wake: Poll

Poll: Black Americans are most likely to expect election violence this November - and it's compelling them to vote

Inflation or Recession: Americans Are Divided on Rate Hikes

Brief 3 min Read

Eight in 10 US adults agree lowering cost of tuition is more important than forgiving student debt

There's student debt common ground to build on

Google, DOJ square off over search dominance

Will Johnson: Love Chicago? You are likely to give a thumbs-up to the plan for the city's casino

Brief 2 min Read

Trustworthiness, honesty, competence at top of mind for Chicago voters

Will Johnson: What do Chicago voters want in a mayor? Competence, integrity and accomplishment

21% of Women Reported Switching Their Birth Control Method Post-Roe

The Legal Risks of Greenwashing Are Real

Big Tech legislation is coming down to the wire. Will Americans care if it doesn't get passed?

The Saver's Credit: A Tax Credit To Promote Retirement Security

Tax increases push Chicagoans to their limit

Only Half of Americans Comfortable Flying Right Now, Poll Finds as CDC Weighs Extending Mask Mandate

First Look: Climate, environment shape Gen Z life decisions

Pharma's 'superhero' image fades as inflation, Ukraine drown out the industry

How corporations can respond meaningfully to voter suppression bills

Cryptocurrency owners say they want more government oversight of the market to combat ransomware, Harris survey shows

Only 12% of older millennials would run for political office - far fewer than any other generation

83% of Americans say $7.25 minimum wage is not enough: poll

With vaccinations on the rise, U.S. economy remains in the waiting room

The limits of Biden's plan to cancel student debt

America's mood has improved on coronavirus, jobs, and more as President Biden era begins

Are Americans Turning 'Socialist' About Student Debt?

Hate speech, violent threats, conspiracy theories: Is tech doing enough after Capitol attack? Depends on who you ask

47% of Americans say vaccinations are moving too slowly

Twitter's Trump ban after Capitol attack supported by most Americans, but not most Republicans, Harris Poll says

Marijuana Is Replacing Alcohol For Nearly Half Of Cannabis Consumers During The Pandemic

STAT-Harris Poll: Most Americans would support Biden issuing a mask mandate

Survey: Americans think Big Tech isn't so bad after all

Brief 6 min Read

Big Doesn’t Mean Bad: Americans split with government on big tech monopolies

Americans believe there are more than enough options for tech products and services. What they really want is for tech brands to act ethically.

Emerging optimism for 2021: The latest Harris Poll

Poll: At Least A Quarter Of Americans Won't Follow CDC's Thanksgiving Guidelines

Opinion: Divided government is a path to disaster. Why won't voters admit it?

Most Americans Object to Government Tracking of Their Activities Through Cellphones

You Will Likely Need To Get A Covid Shot To Fly In 2021

Money Could Motivate Some People to Get a Covid-19 Vaccine, Survey Shows

The biggest problem with capitalism? Not enough capitalists

We asked Americans if they're still proud to be Americans. Here's what they said

America's Shockingly Moderate Electorate

Should You Be Getting Paid For Getting a Covid-19 Vaccine?

The pursuit of purpose may have turned the course of this year's presidential election


New Poll for Science is US Finds that Majority of U.S. Voters Overwhelmingly Believe Policymakers Should Use Science

66% of voters will only vote for a political leader who relies on science

Scoop: Polls show support for tech antitrust action

Americans will turn to booze, junk food to cope with election stress: poll

Classical or Modern Architecture? For Americans, It's No Contest

Americans expect things to get worse between now and the inauguration: Poll

Most Americans support higher taxes if it's spent on these 2 things: Poll

68% of people are significantly stressed by the election - here are 4 science-backed ways to cope with election anxiety

Voters expect the economy to get worse by Election Day

Survey finds more than half of all Americans back potential ban on TikTok

Scoop: Trump's TikTok order threatens plans for 10,000 U.S. jobs

Exclusive Poll: Nevada's 50+ Women Looking for Health Care Solutions

Exclusive Poll: Health Care Dominates Among Iowa Women 50 and Older

Exclusive Poll: Women 50 and Older Could Decide the 2020 Election

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