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Amazon Prime Day 2022 - 3 Ways Brands Can Benefit

High Gas Prices Are Discouraging Americans From Buying Cars Right Now

Brief 2 min Read

Americans Drive With Their Wallets in Mind

Consumers changing eating, shopping habits as inflation pushes up prices

Cannabis Tourism Is Now A $17 Billion Industry - And It's Just Taking Off

Young Consumers Poised to Make Their Memorial Day Spending Mark

What's fueling the growing EV interest among drivers

20 Brands Gaining Gen Z Love Early in 2022

Majority of shoppers want brand values to align with their own: survey

Gas prices, inflation, make some want to work from home even as offices call workers back

Inflation Is Recasting Americans' Relationship With Money - and Each Other

Brief 1 min Read

The NFT Consumer

20 Brands Getting Gen Z's Attention (And Dollars)

A new poll shows more consumers are thinking about trading crypto

Most Consumers Worry The Metaverse May Lead Them To Lose Touch With Reality

Brief 5 min Read

"The Future Majority" and How it will Reshape Brand Loyalty

Anti-union stances can affect brand sentiment, study shows

Brief 4 min Read

With COVID in decline, in-store shopping is on the rise

With the light at the end of the tunnel shining a little brighter, American consumers intend to return back to many of their pre-pandemic shopping habits -- including shopping in stores.

Brief 1 min Read

The Harris Poll: The Great Awakening: Twelve Trends in Twelve Months for Marketers

Marijuana Is Replacing Alcohol For Nearly Half Of Cannabis Consumers During The Pandemic

The State of Data, December 2020

Parents Feeling Guilty About Covid Ignites Boom In Toy Sales

Hotel Bookings Spike on Positive Vaccine News

COVID-19 is not the only thing keeping Americans out of movie theaters

Americans will turn to booze, junk food to cope with election stress: poll

Black-Owned Businesses Hope The Summer Boom Doesn't Fade

The ugly truth about tipping waitstaff during Covid-19

Case Study 2 min Read

2020 Holiday Shopping Report

Americans Are Noticing More Out-Of-Home Ads Since The Lockdowns, Study Finds

More than half of US consumers expect to spend as much as or more than they did in the past holiday seasons

How the Boost in Home Improvement Might Benefit the Packaged-Food Industry

Study Shows Americans Still Love Their Big-Name CPG Brands

Consumers to Brands Supporting Black Lives Matter: Contributions Speak Louder than Words

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