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Twitter Users Don't Want To Call It X - Inside The Platform's Marketing Challenge

America's generational divide doesn't apply to technology. Gen Zers and boomers share the same techno-optimism-and nostalgia

81% of Americans unaware digital health apps can sell personal data

Brief 3 min Read

Millennials lead American optimism for the future

Google's CSO Kate Brandt on How AI Can Accelerate Climate Action

I used ChatGPT to write a cover letter and pretty much fooled 3 experts - and an A.I. content detector

AI Is the Nuclear Bomb of the 21st Century | Opinion

No matter how much we hate it, email refuses to die. A.I. might resuscitate the 50-year-old technology and make it smarter

How Adobe plans to help you spot a deepfake

Some workers are worried that ChatGPT will replace their jobs. They might be right

POV: Improving workplace diversity with AI is a tough balancing act

Go Ahead, Fire Me: Some Workers Welcome Losing Their Jobs

Generative AI - How Marketers Should Navigate Consumer Distrust

AI Tools Raise Safety Concerns For Most Consumers

Twitter and TikTok get all the attention. Polling shows few US adults use them.

How can Big Tech help us? Start by providing better customer service

Half of Twitter users wouldn't pay to use the site, survey shows

Google, DOJ square off over search dominance

Factors Tech Firms Must Consider To Enhance Payment Options

How The Find My App Became an Accidental Friendship Fixture

Big Tech legislation is coming down to the wire. Will Americans care if it doesn't get passed?

Tech firms' big trust gap

Brief 4 min Read

Tech Industry and Climate Change Link Concerns Americans

Americans think tech companies are key to solving climate change

Brands Are Overconfident With Their Privacy Approach

Why tech firms are trying to run away from politics - and failing

Most industries' reputations are rising, except Big Tech's

Big Tech's reputation takes a pandemic plunge

Hate speech, violent threats, conspiracy theories: Is tech doing enough after Capitol attack? Depends on who you ask

Twitter's Trump ban after Capitol attack supported by most Americans, but not most Republicans, Harris Poll says

The State of Data, December 2020

Twitter To Take Down False Claims About Covid-19 Vaccines

Survey: Americans think Big Tech isn't so bad after all

Brief 6 min Read

Big Doesn’t Mean Bad: Americans split with government on big tech monopolies

Americans believe there are more than enough options for tech products and services. What they really want is for tech brands to act ethically.

Scoop: Polls show support for tech antitrust action

Surprise! The Big Tech Antitrust Hearing was a PR Boost for Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Apple

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