1: The Beyoncé Effect: Levi’s Shines After “Levii’s Jeans” Release – Case Study

When Queen Bey says something, the world takes note. On March 29th, 2024, Beyoncé launched the catchy song “Levii’s Jeans.” Beyond the song title, “Levii’s Jeans” often alludes to this classically-American jeans brand. 

  • Levi’s leaned into the song’s call-out, temporarily changing their Instagram and TikTok account logos to “Levii’s” to mirror the song title. 
  • Looking at data from QuestBrand by The Harris Poll, we can see the impact of Beyoncé’s “Levii’s Jeans” on Levi’s sales conversion funnel.
  • After the song release, Gen Zers significantly more often report trying (+11.0) and using (+7.0) the Levi’s brand.
  • Gen Z also more often describes Levi’s as “stylish” (+8.4), “smart” (+8.2), and “trustworthy” (+6.6) after March 29th.

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2: 2024 Insurance Dishonesty Report – NerdWallet-Harris Poll

With insurance rates higher than ever, consumers may be tempted to fudge their personal information to get a better deal. According to a Harris Poll survey on behalf of NerdWallet, one-in-five Americans (21%) admit that they deliberately provided incorrect information on an insurance application. A closer look into the data:

  • The allure of saving money: Of those who think it’s acceptable to lie about personal details on an insurance application, 45% want to save money and 38% say it’s because rates have increased too much.
  • Gender differences: 23% of men, but only 15% of women, find it acceptable to lie about the number of miles driven each year to recieve lower auto insurance rates.
  • Wisdom comes with age: More than a quarter (28%) of Gen Zers, but only 4% of Baby Boomers, think its acceptable to lie about tobacco smoking habits to receive a lower life insurance rate.

Takeaway: “It may not seem like a big deal to lie on an insurance application, but doing so can come with unexpected consequences that can potentially impact your and your family’s well-being. Instead, find savings by asking your insurance provider about potential discounts, and shop around for better rates.” – Melissa Lambarena, Senior Writer at NerdWallet.

3: Baby Boomers look to TripAdvisor to chase away their winter blues – Brand Story

TripAdvisor topped the list in our latest AdAge-Harris Poll Boomer brand tracker. This quarterly index uses data from QuestBrand by The Harris Poll to rank the top 20 brands by brand equity growth among Baby Boomers.

TripAdvisor Brand Equity Q4 2023 vs Q1 2024

QuestBrand. Base: Baby Boomers. Pre: 10/1/23-12/31/23, n=376. Post: 1/1/24-3/31/24, n=408.

  • From Q4 2023 to Q1 2024, TripAdvisor experienced a +10.5 lift in brand equity among Baby Boomers – with a +17.4 increase in brand familiarity, and a +12.9 increase in consideration.
  • Among the general population of US adults, TripAdvisor’s brand equity only rose +5.3 over this same period.
  • While TripAdvisor experienced significant brand equity gains among Baby Boomers, we predict that younger consumers’ interest in TripAdvisor will increase in the near future.
  • TripAdvisor announced that they are launching a metaverse experience later this year that encourages consumers to virtually experience a location before they decide to book a trip. This “try before you buy” approach could be especially beneficial for Gen Z and Millennial travelers who typically have fewer resources to travel than older Americans. 

Read the full brand story.

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