The Harris Poll is at the forefront of measuring attitudes and expectations during the COVID-19 pandemic, and helping businesses understand implications for their own stability and strength. The rise of the Everyday Hero is a critical topic for understanding both the current reality they are facing as well as a lens into considerations for what will eventually be “the new normal.”

A key strategy for controlling the spread of the virus has been stay-at-home orders that require segmenting the workforce into essential vs. non-essential functions. Beyond the medical front lines (which are not part of this study), this new line between work that is essential vs. not has created a new lens through which society is viewing many everyday functions. It has given broad categories of workers—those who bag our groceries, deliver our packages, prepare meals for curbside pickup, etc.—a prominence like never before. These are the workers that despite stay-at-home orders leave the relative safety of their homes to keep our daily lives functioning.

This report details the sentiments of these Everyday Heroes. These aren’t the people on the medical frontline, but those serving, manufacturing and moving America in a host of other ways. We explore their attitudes, experiences and challenges. There are significant implications for the public and employers as we consider the pandemic’s reframing of these essential roles and how our values are made manifest.

To read more about these Everyday Heroes, download the report, and connect with our team, visit our Everyday Heroes landing page.

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Wendy Salomon

Managing Director

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