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Public Safety

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Will Johnson: Is Chicago still the city that works? Here's how the mayor can bolster residents' optimism

Poll: Americans Have Lost Faith in University Leaders

Harris Poll: Increased public safety could draw more local tourists to Chicago attractions

Target and Walmart have it wrong. Locking up essential products is alienating in-store shoppers

Brief 1 min Read

Chicagoans Support A Multifaceted Approach to Public Safety

Will Johnson: Chicago's No. 1 challenge is the reality of crime, not just its perception, a new poll shows

Chicago's homicide stats tell only part of the public safety story

Brief 3 min Read

During uncertainty, home security systems gain steam

Brief 3 min Read

Reframing Public Safety Reform to Find Common Ground

Brief 14 min Read

Reimagining Public Safety in Chicago: 6 Months Later

The Harris Poll and the MacArthur Foundation team up to understand how Chicago residents' perspectives on public safety have changed as 2021 draws to a close.

Brief 9 min Read

Reimagining Chicago’s Public Safety

Chicago residents want to see changes to the laws, systems, and organizations that can reduce gun violence and amend police-resident relations.

A Third of Americans Avoid Certain Places Because They Fear Mass Shootings

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