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Dietary Supplements: Are You Throwing Money Away?

HealthDay Now: Survey Shows Diabetes Patients Need Support

Men Think They're Healthier Than They Are, Don't Need Checkups: Survey

U.S. Maternal Mortality Crisis Hits Black Women Hardest

Worsening Allergy Seasons: Is Climate Change to Blame?

Apps: They Help Manage Health Conditions, But Few Use Them, Poll Finds

Pandemic Worsening Americans' Already Terrible Sleep, Poll Finds

Americans Turning to Trendy Diets to Shed Pandemic Pounds

Adults Delaying Even Emergency Care During COVID-19

Poll: Mask Wearing Declines Even as COVID Spreads

Support for Obamacare Grows as Biden Takes Control: Poll

Almost Half in U.S. Fear Surprise Medical Bills

Politics Key to Americans' Views on COVID-19, Poll Shows

More Than Half of Americans Know Someone Infected or Ill With COVID: Poll

HD Live!: Social Isolation and Mental Health, Plus Results of a COVID-19 Poll from HealthDay/The Harris Poll

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