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The economy is changing - and so is philanthropy

Thought Leadership: How Business Executives Can Close The Communications And Revenue Gap

Gen Z say they need the highest salary of all generations to feel 'financially healthy.' Here's what Americans think they need at every age

Here's the average salary Americans need to feel 'financially healthy' at every age

Consumers will pay more for American-made products, but inflation takes a toll: poll

Consumers want the consumer protections but not so keen about paying more for clean energy

Costly Mistake for Seniors: Survey Finds Older Homeowners Nearly Twice as Likely Not to Utilize Home Equity Loans

Despite their anger over high drug prices, Americans are giving pharma credit for helping contain Covid-19

Millennials are the reason you're paying sky-high prices for everything these days, investment strategist says

Gen Z, millennials feel they'll never be able to afford what they want in life

Prenups Aren't Just For Rich People Anymore

High Gas Prices Are Discouraging Americans From Buying Cars Right Now

Survey finds 81% of hourly workers have cut back because of high gas prices

Consumers changing eating, shopping habits as inflation pushes up prices

Inflation and Stock-Market Volatility Prompts Most Retirees to Alter Finances, Study Finds

What's fueling the growing EV interest among drivers

Americans now have an average of $9,000 less in savings than they did last year

'Not your parents' retirement': Boomers and Gen X redefine their golden years

Rising Longevity and the Desire to Live Well in Retirement Influence Americans' Priorities and Planning, Edward Jones and Age Wave Research Finds

Inside America's Davos: Where The Billionaire Elite Meet, Plot and Join Forces

The Saver's Credit: A Tax Credit To Promote Retirement Security

Tax increases push Chicagoans to their limit

Gas prices, inflation, make some want to work from home even as offices call workers back

Inflation Is Recasting Americans' Relationship With Money - and Each Other

Will Johnson: Survey of Americans about taxation reveals a lot of cynicism - and a willingness to cheat

Brief 1 min Read

Summary: Taxes Unite Us

Brief 3 min Read

Most Americans Feel Their Financial Situation Has Stayed Constant Despite Near Record Inflation

With inflation at a 40-year high, who feels better off today? They do

'I let money get in the way': Most recent job quitters have regrets or don't plan to stay in new role

The secret to getting workers off the sidelines

Pharma's 'superhero' image fades as inflation, Ukraine drown out the industry

Why Employers Should Fight For Employee Satisfaction During The Great Resignation

A new poll shows more consumers are thinking about trading crypto

Family Offices See Next Leaders Ceding Profit in Succession Rift

Invest in neighborhoods to jump-start pandemic recovery

Consumers in 2022 are Anxious, Uncertain and Stressed Out

Brief 3 min Read

Parents Still Struggle to Save for College

The economics of entertainment: More investment in nightlife could help Chicago attract residents and businesses

Everyone Feels Like They're Being Left Out Of The Global Pandemic Recovery

Brief 13 min Read

Addressing Chicago’s Economic Inequity

Chicagoan perceptions provide a window into wealth distribution and economic inequity in the area.

Now is the time to address economic inequity

Americans are changing who they turn to for financial advice

Are travel credit card rewards susceptible to inflation?

Chicago moving in the right direction, execs say

Brief 2 min Read

Crain’s-Harris Poll Chicago Executive Pulse: Wave 4

The contours of a post-COVID Chicago business landscape emerge in the latest wave of the Crain’s-Harris Poll Chicago Executive Pulse

Americans Say $516K Needed To Achieve Financial Wellness

More than 50% of people say an emergency fund is a higher financial priority post-pandemic

Generation X is the least likely to believe they'll get rich one day

A New Financial Normal

Still working remotely? Your 2021 taxes may be more complicated than your 2020 return

71% of Americans are worried Social Security will run out of money in their lifetimes. Why experts say that won't happen

Americans lost $29.8 billion to phone scams alone over the past year

Brief 2 min Read

Pent-Up Demand

Crain's Daily Gist podcast: What business leaders think of Chicago's economic future

Cryptocurrency owners say they want more government oversight of the market to combat ransomware, Harris survey shows

'It knocked me down': Dry cleaners face devastation after COVID-19 stalled demand for work and formal attire

76% of older millennials are worried about climate change - and it's impacting how they spend their money

'I Really had sticker shock': Will a reopening economy mean surging prices for Americans?

Where inflation hurts the most

Brief 2 min Read

Americans Are Feeling the Squeeze of Inflation

NerdWallet's Home Seller Report Reveals What Buyers And Sellers Should Know In Today's Market

A lot of people are spending their third stimulus checks on home improvements

Listing Your Home in 2021? Here's What to Know

Where to By an Investment Property Now

Crypto fans are revolutionizing online investing

Brief 3 min Read

Moving On Up (And Out): Americans Consider Moving Farther from Work

A desire for bigger homes, upgraded amenities, home improvements, and greater distance from work are the latest byproducts of the pandemic.

Coldwell Banker Looks At The Spring Selling Season

Most Americans don't plan to spend their stimulus checks right away: Poll

Brief 2 min Read

Buying Now, Paying Later: The Online Shoppers Driving One of Retail’s Biggest Trends

Use of pay by installment services among online shoppers has increased over the last two years.

Spring is the New Christmas as Brands Prep for the Return of Roaring '20s Consumerism

Brief 2 min Read

Tonight, I’ll Be Eating: Weekly food delivery app usage doubles one year into pandemic

Brief 3 min Read

Americans Pull Back Support on Student Loan Debt Forgiveness

Increasingly urgent and polarized conversations surrounding the student loan debt crisis may actually have convinced fewer Americans to support student loan debt cancelation.

Brief 2 min Read

Springing Back to Normal? Planned Spending Signals Cautious Optimism Amid Vaccine Rollout

More Americans plan to embrace non-essential spending for items like apparel and fast food this coming spring.

What's Stopping First-Time Home Buyers?

83% of Americans say $7.25 minimum wage is not enough: poll

How to keep your student loan payment at $0

Brief 10 min Read

The Future of Cities: Los Angeles

The pandemic has given the City of Angels a less than heavenly time, but the future appears promising.

Why We Don't Believe The Big City Obituary

With vaccinations on the rise, U.S. economy remains in the waiting room

The limits of Biden's plan to cancel student debt

Brief 2 min Read

2021 Brings Hints of Optimism on Key National Issues

Although Americans remain largely pessimistic about important national issues, that level of pessimism is falling compared to three months ago.

Brief 6 min Read

Americans Overwhelmingly Support Student Debt Reform

The majority of Americans support reforms to student loans and education costs, and most think the new presidential administration is up to the task.

Millennial Money: Crafting smarter money goals in 2021

Tips For Reducing Credit Card Debt, Even If Balances Are Already Lower

30% of Workers Dipped Into Retirement Funds During 2020

2021 American travel boom less likely than previously thought, survey finds

The workers who won in the pandemic - and those who lost

Crain's Daily Gist Podcast: What Chicago's business leaders expect in 2021

A new poll shows the 'outsized' financial burdens faced by millennials

Brief 3 min Read

Americans Want Another Round of Stimulus Checks

In fact, half of Americans have budgeted in the hopes they will receive extra aid from the government this fall.

For Remote Workers, Time Is Running Out to Fix State-Tax Messes

Almost Half in U.S. Fear Surprise Medical Bills

Emerging optimism for 2021: The latest Harris Poll

New coronavirus stimulus checks may not trigger an economic jolt: poll

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