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When should I retire? It may be much later in life than you think.

Brief 2 min Read

The nature of retirement is evolving

40-year-old homeowner says economy doesn't add up: "I'm making the most money I've ever made, and I'm still living paycheck to paycheck

Americans are spending more on streaming each month than they are on gas

Mapped: America's new business hotspots

Americans are actually pretty happy with their finances

Election-year messaging to drive consumer shifts

Biden's challenge: Convince voters this isn't the economy they think it is

How America's boom states could shape the '24 campaign

Americans are angry - and think their leaders don't care

A $126 grocery tab that explains the vibes paradox

Why renters are feeling worse about their finances than homeowners

Vibes poll: Biden's key voting blocs stressed about money

Axios Vibes: America's unhappiest people

Poll: Americans Have Lost Faith in University Leaders

The Economy Is Up But the Middle Class Is Down: Big Take Podcast

Millennials, Gen Z, Republicans, and Democrats agree: The economy sucks.

Five Things You Need to Know to Start Your Day

Middle Class Americans Are Rattled by Fed's Fight Against Inflation

US economy grows at fastest pace in nearly two years in third quarter of 2023

5 Things Podcast: Why are many Americans still stressed about their finances?

Many Americans padded their savings amid COVID. How are they surviving as money dries up?

Americans agree more than they disagree, despite political divide, data suggest

Brief 2 min Read

Chicagoans get creative in rethinking dormant office space

Most millennials and Gen Zers feel they have it a lot harder than their parents did in today's economy

How's your 401k doing after 2022? For retirement-age Americans, not so well

The 'American Dream' has always been elusive. Is it still worth fighting for?

Workers are the unhappiest they've been in 3 years - and it can cost the global economy $8.8 trillion

'They can't buy into that American Dream': How younger workers are redefining success

Brief 1 min Read

Harris Poll/Guardian Poll: Americans Don't Believe The Good Economic News

US wage growth is finally outpacing inflation. Many Americans aren't feeling it.

Nearly Half of All Young Adults Live With Mom and Dad - and They Like It

US economy going strong under Biden - Americans don't believe it

Save, splurge, (don't) stress: How Gen Z is putting their spin on personal finances

67% of Americans Favor Paying For College Athletes: Sportico/Harris Poll

How much do you need to be financially secure? Americans now cite a surprisingly high salary

A Frustrated Middle Class Wants More Than Promises in 2024

The US Middle Class's Economic Anxiety Will Decide the 2024 Election

Organized Labor Is Having a Moment. Americans' Views Are Complicated.

Exclusive: 64% of Americans would welcome a recession if it meant lower mortgage rates

You're Not Imagining It - Job Hunting Is Getting Worse

90% of 2023 graduates think college is really worth it. Here's why they're right - and politicians and pundits are wrong

Is College Worth It? It Depends

Layoff Fear Is Sweeping the Economy. There's Still Hope.

Brief 2 min Read

Nine in 10 graduating students believe their college education will enable them to achieve the lifestyle they want

Work Shift: Why Purpose-Driven Jobs Pay Less

Brief 3 min Read

Most Americans support regulating generative AI

Brief 3 min Read

Safety and affordability top-of-mind for Chicagoans ahead of mayoral inauguration

Capitalism's Crisis Of Perception

People are "cash-stuffing" to manage their spending as the cost-of-living crisis bites

A new survey might be the first indication that economic woes are casting clouds over the push for climate action

34% of workers say they'd post how much money they make online - Gen Z and millennials are even more eager

Americans are choosing lottery tickets and maybe eve fortune tellers over financial planners

Millennial homeowners finally outnumber renters. But they still aren't catching up to baby boomers

Americans are over the endless anxiety loop. Only the rich, remote workers, and Gen Zers really care about the banking crisis, according to The Harris Poll

How do Americans define wealth? The answer may surprise you

More American women are single than ever before - and it's costing them big money

Americans want weight loss drugs like Ozempic to be covered by insurance. Most of the time, they aren't.

Layoff anxiety is real - but you can still thrive during challenging times. Here's how

Millennials are more likely than other generations to support a cap on personal wealth

Brief 3 min Read

Amidst economic uncertainty, new survey shows cautious optimism among small business owners for 2023

Women aren't investing at the same rate as men. Here's why it matters - and how the gap can be closed

Working Parents' Behavior Driven By Looming 2023 Recession

The unsung heroes of the American economy: Grandmothers

Brief 4 min Read

Are grandmothers who provide childcare key in driving the US economy?

Don't tell Americans the economy is getting better - they're still worried about a recession, poll finds

Will Johnson in Seven

The high price of being single: 'It's all on one person'

Exclusive: Babysitting rates surged nearly 10% last year

Childcare is so expensive that educated women are dropping out of the workforce because they refuse to put more than 25% of their paycheck toward the cost

Go Ahead, Fire Me: Some Workers Welcome Losing Their Jobs

How To Succeed As a First-Time Entrepreneur

Will Johnson: Why Lightfoot - or almost anyone else - could win the mayoral election

Harris Poll: Chicagoans favor unions more than they support paying for public pensions

Should You Start A Side Hustle? 5 Ways To Ensure Success

42% of Americans say it’s up to local government to fix homelessness. Can they? [Grid/Harris Poll]

The In-Demand Freelance Skills Where Earnings Are Growing The Fastest

These are the 3 most promising side hustles of 2023: Delivery jobs ‘take way too much of your earnings,’ says expert

Survey Said: Ten Polls That Generated The Most Interest In 2022

Watch: Diving Into the Data Behind Health and Economic Inequities

Harris Poll: High cost of housing is making Chicago inhospitable

CFOs are worried about everything right now - but especially revenue and earnings growth

These are workers' biggest fears about 2023

Americans Cut Back on Spending With Inflation Hitting Holidays

The American Dream of homeownership is hanging on by a thread, and there are hardly any solutions in sight

The Home Improvement Projects Spring Sellers Should Tackle Now (And What To Skip)

Recent U.S. homebuyers are being hit with a massive wave of regret

Generation Z has a different view of retirement

U.S. News - Harris Poll: For People of Color, Economic Concerns Get Personal

Brief 2 min Read

Americans value neighborhood independence, welcome more affordable housing construction

Hiring freezes instead of layoffs gain ground in the job market as recession fears grow

Employee Experience: The Critical Ingredient To Workplace Culture

Gen Z doesn't care as much about salary transparency as their boomer and millennial coworkers. Their cynicism is valid

It's Getting Harder To Switch Jobs As Labor Market Shows Cracks

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