The State of Executive Compensation Study

Join CulturePRISM and The Harris Poll in our latest initiative to bring transparency and equity to executive compensation. This pivotal study offers critical insights into the variables—equity, bonuses, and perks—that shape executive pay packages.

Who Should Participate? 

This study is designed for every executive at the VP level and above. Whether you are a full-time executive or a fractional executive, your experience is crucial for a robust analysis.

Immediate Benefits

As a participant, you will receive actionable quarterly updates and a comprehensive annual report. These resources are tailored to refine your negotiation strategies and strengthen your position at the negotiation table.

Ready to Make an Impact? Take the survey now

By taking the survey you consent to your data being leveraged anonymously to identify executive compensation trends on an aggregate level.


Your data will remain completely anonymous. Managed and analyzed by The Harris Poll in an aggregate manner, we ensure a deep understanding of executive pay trends without compromising your privacy.

Our Mission

Empower yourself and help pave the way towards equitable compensation. Knowledge is power—use it to claim your fair share and contribute to closing the industry-wide executive pay gap.

Who We Are

Initiated four years ago by Sandhya Jain-Patel of CulturePRISM and initially exclusive to members of Chief, this initiative received key support from Marion Parrish, Michelle Finocchi, and Moving the Needle. Entering a new phase, CulturePRISM has now partnered with Libby Rodney and Abbey Lunney from The Harris Poll. Together, we are expanding our reach to offer deep analysis and explore the complexities of executive compensation across genders, sectors, and roles.

Join us in this crucial step towards fair and transparent executive compensation.


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