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A new practice from The Harris Poll designed to help brands optimize investment in sport, to help leagues attract sponsors and fans, and to help athletes maximize opportunities off the field. 

The Sports Momentum Index 
By Allison x The Harris Poll 

Once unthinkable in a world dominated by LeBron, Serena, and Brady, sports are entering yet another new, even more explosive era. This ‘Big Bang’ of new sports brings the economic power of fandom and new opportunities for brands to tap into new passions, tastes, and needs. 

As interest in sports broadens, with more fringe sports coming into the mainstream and the popularity of women’s sports skyrocketing, consumer and B2B brands are increasingly looking for ways that carry smaller price tags, more returns on investment, and access to specific audiences who are very passionate.

Introducing the Sports Momentum Index: An in-depth consumer poll measuring and indexing where and why the fan momentum in sports is. The Index quantifies the explosive economic potential of both well-established and up-and-coming leagues, sports, and services as a unique resource for sports investment decision-making. The index measures three dimensions: Cultural Currency, Engagement, and Personal Relevance.


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The Harris Poll Sports Practice

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