The State of Maternal Health in America Report

Pregnancy and birth are experiences often associated with excitement and joy, but our 2nd annual State of Maternal Health in America Report highlights that this monumental journey is often overshadowed by lack of education, poor peri- and postpartum care. The report serves as call to action to do better for American women.  

In this report we explore 8 main themes including safety of giving birth in the U.S., access to care, maternity leave, health issues during the pregnancy journey, patient education/standards of practice, care ratings, fourth trimester care, and improving the patient experience. Key insights from this report include:

  • Americans are poorly informed about giving birth, especially when it comes to risks and complications 
  • Information and resources on pertinent topics related to the biggest job of pregnancy by far, labor and delivery, are inadequate, likely leaving many expecting mothers unprepared for birth and contributing to negative outcomes and experiences  
  • Postpartum care and education are grossly lacking, and is compounded by lack of attention to mothers after delivery 
  • Young women (18-34) and women who faced challenges accessing care are discernibly more likely to report negative experiences during their pregnancy journey 

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