Innovations On Demand

Proprietary methods to test ideas, concepts, messaging and more. Narrow down the funnel and refine concepts for further testing

Prioritize the ideas and messages that will grow your business. Rapid, iterative testing to match the pace of today’s fast-moving marketplace and rapidly changing consumer desires

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How Can Innovations On Demand
Help You?

The Innovations On Demand survey module can be applied to any
Harris On Demand product. 


Concept Testing


Communications Testing


Rapid Screen

Rank up to 100 ideas based on consumer likes and dislikes


Concept Evaluator

Prioritize concepts and optimize for final stage testing, based on proven metrics


On Demand Messaging

Measure overall persuasiveness of messages, impact on purchase decisions, and likes and dislikes for optimization


On Demand Ad Check

Monadic ad testing rated across proven metrics such as brand attribution, believability, likability, uniqueness, relevance, likes/dislikes, and persuasion

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