The “AND” Era:

Americans aren’t one thing or the other. They are both.

Do you ever feel like we are living in an era of contradictions? Layoffs amid record-low unemployment, quiet quitters making loud statements, and stingy consumers diving headfirst into luxury. This report examines these tensions with a simple hypothesis: what if two seemingly contradictory phenomena can occur at the same time?

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With seemingly contradictory indicators coming at us from all angles, it can feel difficult to navigate the future. Welcome to the era of “AND”, a recognition of the duality of man that demonstrates people are inherently more complex than the current narrative allows. To navigate the future, we must better understand the nuance and coexisting realities that define our lives and make us human.

The Harris Poll Thought Leadership Practice presents “The AND Era.” This research explores how consumers accept the dualities of their lives, and how it impacts their lifestyle choices. In this study, we discover tensions and insights on:

The emerging dualities across Americans’ lives across categories, they are both…

  • Money: Splurgy & Stingy
  • Work: Quiet & Loud
  • Activism: Protesters & Pacificists
  • Outlook: Nostalgic & Futuristic
  • Business: Big Stability & Small Saviors
  • AI: Automated & Human

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This report is based on a custom survey that was conducted online within the United States by The Harris Poll in three waves among adults aged 18 and over: between May 5-7, 2023, among 2,102 respondents, May 12-14 among 2,019 respondents, as well as May 19-21 among 1,243 respondents. We also conducted salon sessions March 24-25, 2022, which focused on what it means to live a well-lived life.

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