America This Week: Special Report – Harris Poll Live From The Floor At CES 2024

Good afternoon from Las Vegas and CES 2024, where we’re hosting a range of discussions and floor tours with clients. Here’s a special report from the floor and some of the most interesting tech launching this year. Many are driven by artificial intelligence (AI), but the ideas we picked out solve real human problems with some fascinating tech.

In addition, our CEO John Gerzema is on the ground with our Stagwell Risk and Reputation Unit, leading meetings and a COO salon sharing insights and perspectives on how brands can best navigate the tumultuous year ahead in advance of the November 2024 U.S. Presidential election.

BeamO by Withings

Another year at CES and another futuristic health tech device from Withings. This year, they brought BeamO, a first-of-its-kind connected health device that combines four medical tools earning itself a CES 2024 Innovation Award Honoree.

  • What is it? The BeamO combines an EKG, pulse oximeter, stethoscope, and thermometer all into a single at-home device.
  • Why it’s important: BeamO provides real-time health insights at home or on the go, supporting individuals and health practitioners in establishing long-term perspectives for diagnosis, follow-ups, and health management – which would be especially helpful for those with health-based 2024 New Year’s resolutions.
  • Keep an eye out: Withings expects BeamO to be sold starting in June 2024.

AI Food Scanner 3.0 by Nuvilab 

Nuvilab, a company leading the food industry’s digital shift for sustainability and health, unveiled its innovative AI Food Scanner 3.0, which tells endless information about your food.

  • What is it? The AI Food Scanner 3.0 recognizes and analyzes food instantly, offering tailored nutrition reports, menu suggestions, and insights into food waste and carbon footprints. This benefits both diners and operators, spanning from plate to farm.
  • Why it’s important: Nuvilab’s AI technology is helping to address the problem of sustainability in the food industry by using its technology to find data-backed solutions – timely as Feeding America estimates people waste 80 million tons of food each year (149 billion meals).

X1 Interpreter Hub by Timekettle

Timekettle, one of the fastest-growing providers of real-time voice translation solutions and hardware in the world, launched its flagship AI translation product at CES – the X1 Interpreter Hub (and CES 2024 Innovation Award Honoree).

  • What is it? The all-in-one integrated design facilitates real-time language translation via earbuds and AI for up to thirty people in any setting, enhancing communication.
  • Why it’s important: The Hub goes beyond simple translation by providing a tool that instantly allows people speaking different languages to communicate and connect without barriers – important in a world with thousands of spoken languages.

WaterCube 100 by Genesis Systems

Drinking water from the sky in the desert? You could do just that at CES 2024, where Genesis Systems debuted the WaterCube 100.

  • What is it? An IoT-enabled home and office appliance that can sustainably generate more than 100 gallons of fresh water daily from the air around it.
  • Why it’s important: Over (40%) of the world’s population faces the challenge of insufficient fresh water, a problem exacerbated by climate change, making the quest for clean water sources an ongoing challenge.

All-in-4 AI Total Solution by DEEPX

AI chip company DEEPX introduced its comprehensive All-in-4 Total Solution at CES 2024.

  • What is it? The leading technology comprises four chips spanning various performance levels, such as physical security systems, machine vision, smart mobility, robot platforms, and AI servers.
  • Why it’s important: The four AI chips can be applied to various applications along DEEPX’s development environment, which can run all four chips using a single software framework – a capability that other global AI chip companies do not offer.
  • Keep an eye out: DEEPX is slated to begin mass production of the chips later in 2024, with full implementation in customers’ products in 2025.

Nuance Audio & Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses by EssilorLuxottica

EssilorLuxottica, known for eyewear brands like Ray-Ban, Oakley, Sunglass Hut, and LensCrafters, presented innovative products at CES 2024, featuring the groundbreaking Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses and Nuance Audio, among other products.

  • What is it? The iconic Ray-Ban glasses just got smarter with built-in cameras, open-ear audio, AI-powered solutions, and the ability to livestream and take calls hands-free. The Nuance Audio looks to advance the quality of life by instilling advanced hearing technology in their glasses. 
  • Why it’s important: EssilorLuxottica looks to modernize hearing solutions as it did with eyecare by integrating open-ear hearing technology into its glasses for those with mild to moderate hearing loss – an untapped market for the 40 million Americans who have trouble hearing.
  • Keep an eye out: Nuance Audio is expected to launch in North America in the second half of the year.

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This survey was conducted online within the U.S. by The Harris Poll from January 5th to 7th, among a nationally representative sample of 2,147 U.S. adults.

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John Gerzema


Download the Data

This survey was conducted online within the U.S. by The Harris Poll from January 5th to 7th, among a nationally representative sample of 2,147 U.S. adults.


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