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What is brand lift?

Unlike brand tracking studies, which monitor brand health over time, brand lift studies aim to evaluate the immediate impact of advertising efforts on your KPIs. Brand lift studies provide insights into how your campaign is performing against brand metrics such as awareness, consideration and ad recall.

Why measure brand lift?

We at The Harris Poll believe primary research is a core component of a successful advertising campaign and an effective marketing strategy. Understanding brand effects across channels reveals how customer communications and experiences improve brand metrics and perceptions – ultimately influencing brand growth and the bottom line.

Attitudinal measurement in the form of a brand lift study allows you to uncover if your media outreach is having a favorable impact on your campaign goals. It provides actionable data that identifies which channels, tactics and creatives are driving lift, and empowers you to make better decisions.


Go beyond standard KPIs such as click-through-rates (CRTs) and website visits. Our solution provides 360-degree, cross-device and cross channel diagnostics for full optimization of your campaign, including digital advertising and social media measurement.

Quantify the effectiveness
of advertising

Define the optimal media mix

Understand the impact of
creative dynamics

Optimize campaign performance

Inform future campaigns

Receive comprehensive insights into your media impact to help you make better decisions

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