Is Spanking Ever Appropriate?

These are just a few of the news stories inspired by The Harris Poll’s August 2013 survey on spanking.


NBC News

Corporal Punishment: Legal and Common

A Harris poll last year found that 81 percent of Americans say parents spanking their children is sometimes appropriate, while 19 percent say it is never appropriate. Two-thirds of parents said they had spanked their children while a third said they had not… Read more.

Source: NBC News | September 16, 2014



The Discipline Wars

In a 2013 Harris poll, 86% of the respondents said they’d been spanked—almost a quarter admitting that sometimes the punishment was “too violent.” And it’s also likely that you think spanking is an acceptable method of discipline for children. More than 8 in 10 of those question in the Harris poll said they thought it was appropriate at least “sometimes.”…Read more.

Source: TIME | Denise Foley | December 11, 2014


The Washington Post

For anti-spanking movement, changing the culture like “fighting a glacier.”

Organizers hope to nudge states, school systems and, eventually, the U.S. Congress toward a ban on corporal punishment. They have made some progress: All but two states have outlawed spanking in day-care centers and fewer than 20 still allow kids to be paddled in schools. But Holden said public sentiment overall hasn’t budged. He cites a 2013 Harris poll in which 81 percent of respondents said sometimes it was appropriate to spank a child… Read more.

Source: The Washington Post | Steve Hendrix | September 15, 2014



Spare the Rod

In a Harris poll conducted last year, 81 percent of respondents said it was sometimes “appropriate” to spank their kids, with 67 percent of those who took part in the survey admitting they had done so to their own children. As Daphne S. Cain, an associate professor at Louisiana State University’s School of Social Work, has written: “Corporal punishment is not counter to mainstream parenting practices; it is actually the norm.”…Read more.

Source: Slate | Josh Voorhees | September 2014


International Business Times

Spanking Children In America: Corporal Punishment Forbidden In Many Countries, But US Ban Is Unlikely

A 2013 Harris poll found that 86 percent of Americans said they’d been spanked as a child, and 81 percent said it was sometimes appropriate to do to their own kids. This played a part last year in the high-profile child abuse case of pro football player Adrian Peterson, who was indicted on charges he whipped his 4-year-old son with a tree branch. Peterson argued it was part of his family tradition, saying in a statement that “I have always believed that the way my parents disciplined me has a great deal to do with the success I have enjoyed as a man.”…Read more.

Source: International Business Times | Julia Glum | March 6, 2015



Father asks police to supervise daughter’s spanking

Public opinion also supports a parent’s right to spank. In a recent Harris poll, 81 percent of Americans said spanking children is sometimes appropriate. Still, as the Florida case illustrates, some parents worry they’ll get in trouble… Read more.

Source: TODAY | A. Pawlowski | January 2, 2015


Yahoo! Parenting

Court OK’s ‘Reasonable’ Spanking, But Experts Still Say No

More than half of parents still engage in spanking, according to a 2013 Harris Poll. It found that 78 percent of U.S. parents think that spanking is sometimes appropriate, and 67 percent say they have spanked their children. Another recent study out of the University of Michigan found that 30 percent of 1-year-olds had been spanked in the last month by one or both of their parents… Read more.

Source: Yahoo! Parenting | Rachel Bertsche | June 26, 2015