WSJ Top 25 Tech Companies to Watch 2018

By Dave Pettit | The Wall Street Journal |

Artificial intelligence, blockchain, cybersecurity.

Startups working in these hot areas of the technology industry take more than half of the spots on this year’s Wall Street Journal listing of 25 technology companies to watch. The list identifies startups that show signs of becoming emerging leaders in the tech industry.

“Those three make a lot of sense,” says Charles Moldow, a general partner at Foundation Capital, a venture-capital firm in Palo Alto, Calif. “These are the areas we are most focused on,” he says.

Artificial intelligence has benefited from advances in processing power and analysis that are opening myriad new ways to create products. Meanwhile, growing attention to cryptocurrencies has helped persuade a crop of highly skilled entrepreneurs to work on putting the underlying blockchain technology to various uses.

As for the third: “Cybersecurity should be a perennial anchor on the list,” Mr. Moldow says. “So long as there are black hats, there will need to be white hats.”

The Journal 25 isn’t a ranking of every company working in the hot corners of tech. Nor does it consist of companies with billion-dollar valuations; far from it. Rather, the list spotlights young companies—all founded since the start of 2013—that have attracted the attention of the tech community, and cash from venture-capital investors. These are companies that have expanded their workforces and, in some cases, have prominent backers and founders with prior entrepreneurial success.

Outside of the three predominant technology fields, companies on the list include those working in areas such as health care, financial services, education, and business solutions such as drones.

Tech Companies to Watch starts with a survey of technology-industry watchers. Nominations were taken in an online survey conducted by the Harris Poll among executives and others who make technology purchasing decisions for businesses, as well as a survey that included readers of certain Wall Street Journal publications and attendees of Journal technology conferences. Survey participants were asked to identify young companies that are innovative, growing fast and expected to continue to grow fast. Only those with valuations of $50 million to $500 million were considered for the list.

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