What to expect when interviewing for a job in 2021

Go into interviews confident and prepared this new year

By StackCommerce | Financial Post | Jan. 8, 2020

December’s unemployment rate for the country is projected for 8.5 per cent (similar to November 2020 actuals). Since the start of the pandemic, each month has seen jobless rates dropping, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. A recent Harris poll showed more of a bleak reality. Thirty-eight per cent of those surveyed have been unemployed for at least six months. For those fortunate enough to end up in the recruiting funnel, the interview process has drastically changed from years prior.

Gone are the days of walking into a room and shaking the hand of the interviewer. Video-only interviews have become the norm and still will be for the foreseeable future. The main drawback of conducting interviews over Zoom is the reliance on a strong Internet connection. Both sides of the “table” should naturally expect audio cutting out and staring at a frozen screen. In addition, remote interviews have made picking up on the rapport of non-verbal and verbal communication more difficult.

Most importantly, online interviews will follow many of the same expectations and norms of face-to-face interviews. Depending on the type of position, interviewees should be dressed appropriately. The rule of thumb when it comes to acceptable interview attire is asking yourself, “Would I have worn this to the interview pre-pandemic?” Furthermore, those interviewing should exude confidence and be personable throughout the video interview. Even in the midst of technical difficulties, interviewers can interpret actions and answers as to how the interviewee would react in high pressure or uncertain situations.

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