Favorite Comfort Foods

These are just a few of the news stories inspired by The Harris Poll’s December 2015 survey on favorite comfort foods.


The Huffington Post

The Food Americans Are Most Likely To Stress Eat

What’s the one thing that’ll always be there for you after a long, stressful day? According to a new poll, there’s a clear answer. Pizza is the number one comfort food Americans turn to for stress relief, according to a recent online survey of 2,252 adults conducted by The Harris Poll… Read more.

Source: The Huffington Post | Kate Bratskeir | February 2, 2016



America’s favorite comfort food is…

Looking to feast on some comfort food during this blustery winter? Odds are you are reaching for a slice of pizza — and you probably aren’t feeling guilty about it. Some 15 percent of Americans list pizza as their favorite comfort food, nearly double that of any other food choice, according to a study conducted by the Harris Poll, one of the longest running surveys measuring public opinion in the United States… Read more.

Source: CNBC | Sarah Whitten | January 25, 2016



Pizza is America’s Favorite Form of Stress Relief

The results of a new Harris Poll released on January 25 indicate, first and foremost, that we’re a nation of stress-eaters (which is probably why we’re all so sickeningly fat, LOL!). More than half of Americans admit to eating more when they’re stressed, and 67 percent said that they use their favorite foods as a source of emotional solace; a “pick-me-up” if you will… Read more.

Source: Vice | Hilary Pollack | February 1, 2016