We Could Get Used to This: Americans Embrace Remote Work, per Exclusive Morning Brew Pollin

By Eliza Carter | Morning Brew

This year’s social distancing mandates have made employees much more familiar with each other’s living rooms. But according to a poll shared exclusively with Morning Brew, they’ve also helped us turn our own lifestyle knobs to “Healthy.”

A Morning Brew/Harris poll conducted last weekend found that…

  • Two-thirds (67%) of remote workers say their lifestyle has gotten healthier since working from home.
  • About two in five remote workers (41%) say that since working from home, they’ve been eating healthier snacks throughout the day. About the same amount (38%) say they’ve been taking time to cook their meals.

Plus, U.S. remote workers are enjoying a more flexible routine. The top three things employed Americans said they’d miss about working remotely, if they had to return to an office, were:

  • Saving money by spending less on on gas and lunches each week (41%)
  • Extra time in the mornings (40%)
  • Being at home with their family (39%)

Zoom out: While convenient for those who can partake, remote work isn’t available to everyone. Deutsche Bank Research released a report yesterday recommending a tax on remote employers to support those who can’t work from home.

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