Volvo, Harris Poll Say Americans Find Driving More Serene Than Yoga

By Tanya Gazdik | Marketing Daily

In a time when Americans are more stressed than ever, the desire to find serenity and calm amongst the chaos is on the rise, according to a new study from Volvo and Harris Poll.

Seventy-five percent of Americans are seeking more ways to find calm amid increasing stress and are looking in surprising places to find it. In fact, more Americans report finding serenity on their daily drive (20%) than while doing yoga (14%).

Volvo sought to better understand how commuting and traffic drive stress levels amongst Americans, and what factors might help drivers decompress and find their own personal sanctuary on the road.

“Stress levels are undoubtedly rising, and now more than ever, Americans are looking ways to rebalance and relax, particularly while driving,” said Jim Nichols, product and technology communications manager for Volvo Car USA in a release. “The daily commute is often the only ‘me time’ people get and Volvo has long believed it is best to maximize that time in a way that makes sense for drivers and passengers.”

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