Virtual classes? In person? Turns out, most parents just want school canceled until spring

By ZLATI MEYER | Fast Company

More than half of parents wish school would be canceled and reopened in the spring.

Don’t say, “WTF, PTA?!?”

It’s true. According to a new Harris Poll conducted exclusively for Fast Company, that’s the option 57% of moms and dads want, not in-person classes or a combination of remote and live school.

“As schools ask parents if they want virtual, in-person, or hybrid options, they may be missing the most popular option,” Harris says.

This fall, parents are focused on the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on their children and their education. Fifty-seven percent of them cite concerns about their children’s physical health and safety, while 58% cite the kids’ mental health as their biggest worry.

A little more than 4 out of 10 respondents mentioned concern about the safety of teachers and school staffers.

Also gnawing away at mothers and fathers is what their children will miss this year, with 64% saying they’re depressed thinking about it.

It’s “especially working parents—68% versus 54% nonworking—who will likely have less time to support their children through virtual learning and social engagement,” Harris says.

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