Vehicle owners are getting “on the road again” for servicing and repairs

But that doesn’t mean they are “letting off the brake” when it comes to safety at the facilities

Fewer vehicle owners (31%) are now putting off servicing/repairs due to COVID-19, compared to 6 weeks ago when 39% were.  Men and younger owners are still delaying like before, while women and older owners are now less likely to delay.

More vehicle owners (43%) are likely to have their vehicle serviced within the next 30 days, compared to 6 weeks ago when only 33% were.  Vehicle servicing narrowly edges out going out to dinner (39%) and falls behind only going to the office (49%), for places people are willing to go in the next 30 days.

Despite increases across all of the age groups, older owners are still more likely to have their service done sooner than younger owners.

However, vehicle owners still want the same precautions taken at service facilities.  Half or more still want to see hand sanitizer at the facility, masks required for employees and customers, and deep cleaning of the waiting areas and vehicles.  While a few precautions are slightly lower than before, required temperature tests for employees has increased in importance.

While businesses are opening and things are starting to look more like “normal”, now is not the time to loosen up any safety precautions.  Service facilities need to continue to implement measures that keep employees and customers safe, to give customers peace of mind visiting the facility and allowing others into their vehicle.


Wave 1 of this vehicle servicing survey was conducted online from April 27-28 among a nationally representative sample of 836 U.S. adults who own or lease a vehicle.  Wave 2 was conducted online from June 9-11 among 1,654 U.S. adults who own or lease a vehicle. Other data IS from Wave 15 of The Harris Poll COVID-19 Tracker, conducted online on June 6-8, 2020 among a nationally representative sample of 1,969 U.S. adults.

Harris COVID-19 Vehicle Servicing Wave 2