Uber and Netflix Are Making You Fat, Survey Finds

By Rina Raphael | Fast Company |

Your suspicion has been confirmed: Netflix is (probably) making you fat.

Countless weekends binge-watching The Crown and ordering in Thai food take a toll on your body, finds a new Harris Poll survey on behalf of Swiss Life Science Group Zaluvida.

It turns out our sedentary couch habits exacerbate weight gain, at least according to 1,000 healthcare professionals and more than 1,000 U.S. adults. The Zaluvida Weight Loss Survey reports that 88% of Americans moved less in the last few years due to increased screen time, while 80% blame on-demand meal delivery, ride-sharing services, or shopping apps. This has depressing effects: A quarter say they prefer not to be photographed and refrain from posting pictures of themselves on social media.

A little over 40% of adults are actively trying to lose weight, but only 3 in 10 of them are confident that they’ll be able to achieve it.

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