This is America’s favorite coffee chain — and it’s pretty surprising

By Erica Chayes Wida | USA TODAY

America runs on Dunkin’, but they do go to Starbucks a lot. But do they really like either brand?

The results are in from a recent poll which determined America’s “Brand of the Year” award for the country’s favorite coffee shop.

Most would think Starbucks, as the international chain famous for its Frappuccino and Instagram-worthy drinks seems to have a location on every street corner. But it wasn’t as two big chains edged out Starbucks for tied top spot.

Dunkin’ (formerly of Donut fame) and Krispy Kreme were named as country’s favorite coffee shops by The Harris Poll.

Each year, the market research firm evaluates trends and people’s interests to discover all of America’s favorites, from the country’s favorite burger chain to its favorite age group, which also had a surprising consensus.

To see what the best restaurants, consumer goods and retail brands were this year, the Harris Poll team recruited 45,000 consumers aged 15 years and older to assess nearly 2,000 brands.

So what makes Dunkin’ and Krispy Kreme so lovable, besides the fact that they serve doughnuts all day?

“The common thread that runs across all the brands awarded here is their consumer devotion and respect for — and expectation of — performance. ” said Harris Poll CEO John Gerzema. “These are brands Americans especially love and expect great things from in the future.”

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