Survey shows American youth feel today’s leaders have a different agenda

These are just a few of the news stories inspired by the National 4-H Council’s February 2016 study on leadership in America.


Advertising Age

Not Just ‘Cows and Plows’: Century-Old 4-H Rebrands

During the rally, the National 4-H Council will release the results of its National Youth Survey on Leadership conducted online by Harris Poll among 1,501 9th through 12th grade students. Some topline findings include that the majority of youth (81%) think leaders today are more concerned about their own agendas than those of their organizations, and more than half (51%) rate government and political leaders as having weak leadership… Read more.

Source: Advertising Age | Lindsay Stein | April 11, 2016


USA Today

A little confidence goes a long way

88% of youth say they could lead in solving issues ike affordable education, job creation, war on terrorism… Read more.

Source: USA Today | April 19, 2016