These are just a few of the news stories inspired by The Harris Poll’s February 2016 survey on pizza preferences.

Food World News

Most Americans Prefer Pepperoni-Topped Pizza: Find Out Why

Many are of the view that the American’s love for pizza is a manifestation of the growing popularity of vegetarian foods in the United States. Findings of a survey released by Harris Poll recently asked the Americans whether or not they liked pizza and where they go for the best… Read more.

Source: | Chandan Das | March 10, 2016


Elite Daily

Guess Which Pizza Toppings America Hates To Love And Loves To Hate

While Americans are often divided over the dumbest issues, there are still a few things we can, for the most part, all agree to hate and to love. According to a new Harris poll of 2,193 adults from across the US, pizza toppings are one topic that should no longer incite controversy… Read more.

Source: | Kate Ryan | February 29, 2016


Hello Giggles

It’s official: This is America’s favorite pizza topping

The discovery was made by a study from the Harris Poll. Apparently, people love them some pepperoni. Coming in second is sausage, followed by mushroom, plain cheese and onions. We say, how about combining all of those things into one delicious supreme pizza… Read more.

Source: | Elizabeth Entenman | February 27, 2016


FOX News

This is America’s favorite pizza topping

Okay, we know that pizza is far and away the number one comfort food favored by Americans, nearly double that of any other food choice. But a new study from the Harris Poll reveals just how pie-lovers like their slice –from the toppings to how thick the crust is –even what to pair with it… Read more.

Source: | February 26, 2016


Food & Wine

Americans Love Pepperoni, Hate Anchovies, Finds Unsurprising Poll

A recent Harris Poll got to the bottom of Americans’ pizza preferences, finally. The poll surveyed 193 adults on their favorite and least-favorite pizza toppings as well as crusts of choice and picks for beverage pairings… Read more.

Source: | Justine Sterling | February 24, 2016