RIAs and Investment Growth

These are just a few of the news stories inspired by Scottrade’s August 2015 study on RIAs.


Financial Advisor

In 2016, Bigger Is Better

No matter what size a financial advisory firm is now, bigger seems to be better for 2016, according to a study by Scottrade Advisor Services released Thursday. Today’s financial advisors are focused on growth and technology for the new year over client services and operations, according to the 2015 Registered Investment Advisor Study of 373 independent advisors… Read more.

Source: Financial Advisor | Karen Demsters | December 3, 2015



Advisors’ Top Priority? Growth Trumps Tech, Scottrade Survey Finds

Many people fantasize about what they would buy or do if they won the lottery, with varying wishes, but if advisors suddenly had more to spend, they would dedicate that capital to first growing their firms, followed by investing in technology, in human capital or in client service. Those were the key findings of the 2015 Scottrade Advisor Services Study released today, which in August surveyed 373 RIAs online with at least $10 million in assets under management, asking where they would spend an “extra dollar” in their businesses… Read more.

Source: ThinkAdvisor | James J. Green | December 3, 2015