2016 Connected Nonprofit Report

These are just a few of the news stories inspired by Salesforce.org’s September 2016 study on connected nonprofits.


The NonProfit Times

22% Of Potential Donors Sitting It Out

If it isn’t clear already, the future generation of donors and volunteers prioritize and engage in ways far different than many organizations’ current bread and butter – Baby Boomers. Millennials, for instance, are far more likely to rely on friends (44 percent to 29 percent) and social media (30 percent to 11 percent) when making choices about giving or volunteering.

The data comes from Salesforce.org’s 2016 Connected Nonprofit Report. The report relies on survey responses gathered from 2,093 respondents this past September. A growing desire for mobile and tailoring emerged as something donors and volunteers, particularly young people, are clamoring for, according to Allyson Fryhoff, chief customer officer at the San Francisco-based software company… Read more.

Source: The NonProfit Times | Andy Segedin | December 14, 2016


Philanthropy News Digest

Donors, Volunteers Want Transparency, Engagement, Survey Finds

Today’s donors and volunteers expect nonprofit organizations to provide custom-tailored communications as well as a greater degree of transparency around impact, a report from Salesforce.org finds… Read more.

Source: Philanthropy News Digest | December 15, 2016


Next in Nonprofits

2016 Connected Nonprofit Report

Salesforce.org released their 2016 Connected Nonprofit Report today, summarizing findings from a survey of both engaged and disconnected community members relating to how nonprofits do their work. There are some great insights into how people choose and support the work of charities, and while it’s not an academically rigorous poll, the information collected by Harris Poll confirms some trends seen elsewhere, and explores some new ideas… Read more.

Source: Next in Nonprofits | December 14, 2016