Super Bowl Sidelines Employees

These are just a few of the news stories inspired by Kronos’ January 2016 study on The Super Bowl and Missed Work.


Fox Sports

Super Bowl Fever affects millions of American workers on Monday after game

The Workforce Institute at Kronos — which provides research and education on workplace issues — commissioned the “Super Bowl 50 Fever Sidelines Employees” survey and in it, they uncovered: Wow, 16.5 million Americans say they may not go to work on the Monday after Super Bowl 50 — and 10.5 million were smart enough to plan ahead and request that day off in the first place… Read more.

Source: Fox Sports | Sid Saraf | February 4, 2016


Denver Business Journal

Where is everybody on Monday? Employees may be out with ‘Super Bowl Fever’

About 16.5 million American workers aren’t going to be at work on Monday, succumbing to something known as “Super Bowl Fever.” That’s according to a survey commissioned in January by The Workforce Institute at Kronos Incorporated and conducted by Harris Poll, which indicates one in ten U.S. workers won’t be at work on Monday because of Sunday night’s Super Bowl… Read more.

Source: Denver Business Journal | Ben Miller | February 5, 2016


ERE Media

Super Bowl Hangover: 10% Of U.S. Workforce May Miss Work On Monday

Some people will take any good reason to miss work. And, recovering from the Super Bowl is probably just as good a reason as any. According to a new survey commissioned in January by The Workforce Institute at Kronos Incorporated and conducted by the Harris Poll, “an estimated 16.5 million employed U.S. adults may miss work the day after Super Bowl 50 due to the game, with nearly 10.5 million“ Americans having already requested or plan to request the day off in advance… Read more.

Source: ERE Media | John Hollon | February 3, 2016



Super Bowl 50 May Sideline 16.5 Million U.S. Employees on Monday

A Harris Poll survey for The Workforce Institute at Kronos Incorporated revealed that more than 10 million American workers already plan to request leave for Feb. 8, 2016. Another 7.5 million suspect they will arrive late for work on the morning following the NFL championship game… Read more.

Source: IPMA-HR | February 4, 2016