Importance of Protective Eyewear for Firework Usage

These are just a few of the news stories inspired by American Academy of Ophthalmology’s May 2015 study on Fireworks and Protective Eyewear.



Snappers, Sparklers, and Fireworks: Meet the Fourth of July’s Biggest Dangers

Fireworks injuries are extremely common. According to the 2015 Fireworks Safety Survey commissioned by the American Academy of Ophthalmologists and conducted by Harris Poll, one in 10 people report having been injured by fireworks, and one-third of people say they at least know someone who has been injured… Read more.

Source: Yahoo! | Jenna Birch | June 23, 2015


CBS New York

Experts: Do-It-Yourself Fireworks Cause Thousands Of Serious Injuries Each Year

“The eye injuries from fireworks can be very severe,” said Dr. Anne Sumers of the American Academy of Ophthalmology. While she is an ophthalmologist, Sumers said the danger of fireworks is hardly limited to the eyes… Read more.

Source: CBS New York | July 3, 2015


USA Today

Eye injuries caused by fireworks doubled in last 3 years

Firework fragments can shoot outward and hit the eye, causing tears, lacerations and injuries that can ultimately cause blindness, according to Philip R. Rizzuto, an ophthalmologist and clinical spokesman for the American Academy of Ophthalmology… Read more.

Source: USA Today | Mary Bowerman | July 2, 2015


Chicago Tribune

Homewood teen’s mother, doctors reflect on fireworks injury*

On June 18, the AAO released the results of a fireworks safety survey conducted through Harris Poll, and which can be viewed at, that included some startling facts and numbers… Read more.

Source: Chicago Tribune | Angela Denk | July 1, 2015


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