Business News Coverage on Reputation Quotient®

These are just a few of the business news stories inspired by The Harris Poll’s 2016 Reputation Quotient® results.


The New York Times

VW’s Crisis Strategy: Forward, Reverse, U-Turn

Someday, Volkswagen’s emissions cheating scandal will be studied in crisis communications textbooks. And not in a good way. “There was something like a tsunami,” Hans-Gerd Bode, Volkswagen’s communications chief since September, said in an interview.” Thousands of calls and emails coming in at the same time”… Read more.

Source: The New York Times | Danny Hakim | February 26, 2016


The Seattle Times

Poll of consumers ranks Amazon as most-admired company has reclaimed the top spot as America’s most-loved company in an annual ranking of some of the country’s largest companies. Market research firm Harris Poll recently released its 17th annual ranking of the public’s perceptions of the 100 most visible companies in the U.S… Read more.

Source: The Seattle Times | Janet I. Tu | February 22, 2016


San Antonio Express News

USAA ranks 4th on corporate reputation list

Financial services and insurance firm USAA was the only San Antonio company to make a Harris Poll ranking of the corporate reputations of the 100 most visible U.S. companies, as perceived by the general public. USAA ranked fourth on the list, behind Inc., Apple Inc. and Google Inc., but just ahead of The Walt Disney Co… Read more.

Source: San Antonio Express News | Patrick Danner | February 19, 2016


New York Business Journal

Despite workplace criticism, Amazon clinches No. 1 spot in business reputation rankings

A searing New York Times investigative report on Amazon’s work culture has had a negligible effect on the company’s reputation. That’s one way to interpret the latest Harris Poll rankings of business reputations among U.S. residents, who rated the online retailer highest among 100 companies… Read more.

Source: New York Business Journal | Rachel Nielsen | February 22, 2016



No Excuse For Poor Corporate Reputation And Customer Experience

The Harris Poll released its latest Reputation Quotient® Report, and while it contains the expected data about the importance and business benefits of good reputation, I was struck by the diversity of the top ten companies in the study. The list includes several of my favorite companies–both personally as a consumer and professionally as a customer experience analyst–but when I cite these examples, people can be quick to provide reasons why these firms are unlike their own businesses and “have it easy”… Read more.

Source: Gartner | Augie Ray | February 20, 2016


24/7 Wall Street

Companies With the Best (and Worst) Reputations

Automaker Volkswagen now has the worst reputation of any major company in the United States. E-retailer has the best reputation, and Apple moved into second place, beating rival Samsung, which had surpassed it last year. The Harris Poll Reputation Quotient measures public opinion of the nation’s most recognizable companies. Respondents were asked to rate companies based on six components: emotional appeal, products and services, vision and leadership, workplace environment, social responsibility, and financial performance… Read more.

Source: 24/7 Wall Street | Evan Comen| May 12, 2016