Latest Harvard-Harris Poll Finds Mixed Feelings About ACA and Proposed Republican Healthcare Bill

NEW YORK, N.Y. – The second monthly Harvard-Harris Poll, released in conjunction with The Hill this week, explores registered voters’ attitudes toward the newly proposed Republican healthcare legislation, the future of the Democratic party, investigations into Russia’s alleged role in the U.S. presidential election, privacy and cybersecurity in the modern age of terrorism, and America’s role in foreign policy, including perceptions of our friends and foes around the world.

The nationwide poll of 2,092 registered voters was conducted online within the United States by The Harris Poll between March 14 and 16, 2017. A detailed presentation of the results may be downloaded at the link below.

When it comes to healthcare, a majority of voters feel controlling costs (64%) should eclipse covering more people (36%), but voters are split on how to handle the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), with 43% opposing and 41% supporting new legislation to repeal and replace the ACA. Of those who are aware of the new proposed healthcare law, 51% believe it would be a step backwards, while the rest are divided – about 1 in 4 feel it would be an improvement (26%) and roughly the same proportion (24%) are unsure. 

Features in The Hill can be seen here.     

The poll was supervised by pollsters Mark Penn, Harvard Professor Stephen Ansolabehere, and Dritan Nesho. Mark Penn is a former presidential pollster and has 40 years of polling experience. Stephen Ansolabehere has 25 years’ experience conducting survey research and experimental research in the field of political science. Dritan Nesho is a fellow at Harvard’s Institute for Quantitative Social Sciences. The authors teach public opinion research at Harvard.

The Harvard-Harris Poll is a collaboration of Harvard CAPS and The Harris Poll. More details and results are available here.