Happiness Index 2016

These are just two of the news stories inspired by The Harris Poll’s May/June 2016 survey on Happiness. 



Exclusive: New ‘Happiness Index’ Number Reveals How Americans Feel Right Now

Results from polling during May and June of 2016, available first here at TIME, reveal that American happiness in 2016 is down slightly. The new Happiness Index number is 31. That number, which is out of 100, was at 34 last year and has hovered in the low- to mid-30s since Harris began calculating it in 2008… Read more.

Source: TIME | Lily Rothman |  July 1, 2016


Biz Report

Report: Americans optimistic but unhappy

Americans are unhappy but optimistic about the future. That’s the world from a new Harris Poll, which found that happiness decreased by more than 30% in 2015; only about 31% now say they are ‘very happy’… Read more.

Source: bizreport.com | Kristina Knight |  July 11, 2016