These are just a few of the news stories inspired by The Harris Poll’s July 2016 survey on milestones. 


Good Morning America

What Are the Right Ages for Kids to Experience Important Firsts?

There’s a first time for everything, but a recent Harris poll found that adults and children had different ideas on how old children should be before they have certain important first experiences in their lives, such as getting a cellphone, job or pet or going out on a date. The poll covered other key firsts, such as wearing makeup, going on a sleepover, kissing, seeing an R-rated movie and talking about sex… Read more.

Source: ABC News |  November 3, 2016


New York Post

Parents’ most asked questions are finally answered

According to a recent Harris Poll, Americans — on average — say kids should get “the talk” at age 12.3. That’s about a year earlier than their parents talked about sex with them, according to the survey. The Harris Poll asked both adults and teenagers when kids should be able to do a slew of activities for the first time — including wearing makeup, going on their first date and having their first sleepover… Read more.

Source: | Elizabeth Rosner, Jazmin Rosa & Danika Fears | November 2, 2016


PIX 11 News

When should kids get their first cellphone, first job, go on a date?

As a parent you may look forward to your child’s firsts — first steps, first word, first tooth, but what about other firsts, like your child’s first phone?? A new study by the Harris Poll asked American adults and teens to give their input on what would be a good age for a kid to get his or her first cell phone. On average, the poll determined that age 14 is when kids should get a cellphone, although the study found that younger kids said they needed them at 13… Read more.

Source: PIX 11 | Kristina Behr | September 2, 2016