Study Profiles Generation X Investors – A Vital Target for RIAs and Fee-Based Advisors to Successfully Grow Their Practice

A new Special Report from the third annual Advisor Authority Study, commissioned by Jefferson National, operating as Nationwide’s advisory solutions business, and conducted online by The Harris Poll, profiles Generation X investors identifying key market opportunities for financial advisors. The latest findings help RIAs and fee-based advisors better understand Gen Xers’ unique priorities, preferences and concerns, so they can move the needle for their practice, enhance profitability and build a foundation for future growth. The Advisor Authority Study surveyed roughly 1,600 RIAs, fee-based advisors and individual investors across the country.

“Being in their prime earning years and next in line for inheritance, Gen X is a vital segment for advisors to target in order to enhance profitability and set their firms up for future success,” said Craig Hawley, Head of Nationwide’s advisory solutions business. “And each year, successful advisors are most likely to say that Gen X will be their primary target over the next 12 months.”

According to this latest Special Report, “Moving the Needle: Targeting Generation X,” over half of Generation X investors (52%) say they do not have an advisor. And despite their growing wealth and their complex financial challenges, Gen X investors are the least likely to seek professional advice. There is a huge opportunity for RIAs and fee-based advisors to tap into this valuable client segment.

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