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June 2020 – Stress in America Press Release: As protests continue, more than half of black Americans report discrimination as significant source of stress.

The COVID-19 pandemic has altered every aspect of American life, from health and work to education and exercise. Over the long term, warns the American Psychological Association, the negative mental health effects of the coronavirus will be serious and long-lasting.

To better understand how individuals are coping with the extreme stress of this crisis, APA has adapted its annual Stress in America poll into a monthly analysis of stressors and stress levels. Taking a monthly “pulse” to understand how individuals are processing these extreme events will help health leaders and policymakers better align advice and resources to address these evolving mental health needs.

In the second volume of Stress in AmericaTM 2020: Stress in the Time of COVID-19, APA reports on two surveys conducted by The Harris Poll on behalf of APA: Wave 2 of the COVID tracker, conducted May 21-June 3, 2020, among 3,013 adults age 18+ who reside in the U.S.; and an additional poll about the current civil unrest, conducted June 9-11, 2020, among 2,058 adults age 18+ who reside in the U.S.

The full report: Stress in the Time of COVID-19, Volume Two