Samsung Has Figured Out a Way to Almost Make Your TV Magically Disappear

Yesterday, Samsung released a new QLED line of 4K TVs that features a technology the company is calling “Ambient Mode,” where the TV blends into the wall when it’s turned off, essentially making the TV invisible in your living room.

Are Americans ready for invisible TVs? Data from a recent Harris Poll revealed that Americans are indeed anticipating the next wave of TV innovation, in fact, one of the top technology innovations Americans said they were most excited about was power-saving image-enhancing TVs.

Samsung also announced that it’s partnering with The Weather Channel to overlay alternative content on the ambient TVs. Now, users will be able to add clocks, headlines, local weather, and their own photos to the ambient screens. It seems that the role of the television in the American home is changing from a source of entertainment to a source of information, serenity and also a nice touch of feng shui.