Rebranding Your Company: Why And How To Do It

The Harris Poll team has led various strategic rebranding efforts in the form of renaming, new identity and strategic repositioning of an established brand. This week we discussed with Forbes the implications of WeWork’s evolution into the We Company:

“The We Company is an ambitious strategy to broaden the company’s aspirations from places to people,” said John Gerzema, who is the CEO of The Harris Poll. “And it’s a sound move because WeWork remains as a famous sub-brand the same way Google is to Alphabet. This strategic evolution should please both investors and customers.”

Companies re-brand for many reasons, among them to modernize their image (AirBnB), to appropriate social currency (FedEx), or to re-make its image (Accenture). But there are massive pitfalls in lost equity, misread intentions and marketplace confusion. This makes it critical to understand how your brand evolution serves your intended business outcomes.

You can read the full article in Forbes here.