Rapidly Changing Consumer Desires


What are the shifts in behaviors, values, attitudes, tastes and aspirations my brand can authentically leverage?

How do I re-adapt my product, service or marketing to meet new marketplace expectations?

How do we get smarter about who we target with R&D? How can we connect fragmented consumer segments?


Customer Insights & Segmentation

Developing customer profiles defined by demographics, attitudes and behaviors.

  • Deeper segmentation inputs: Investigative Harris Poll Journalism
  • Richer segmentation narratives: Digi-Ethnographies & Visi-boards
  • Meaningful follow ups: Segmentation Panels

Message Development & Testing

Designing and iterating on messaging mix to maximize resonance with customers.

  • Faster results: Harris On Demand (24-48 hour studies)
  • Smarter audiences: Influencer Boards
  • Core fans:  ‘Watch & Reply’ Video Platform
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