Poll Finds Most Americans Want to Know About Their Baby’s Genetic Risk for Treatable Childhood Disorders

Sema4, a health information company providing advanced genomic testing, today announced the results of a public opinion poll of among more than 2,000 Americans about newborn genetic screening. According to the survey, commissioned by Sema4 and conducted online by Harris Poll, 88% of Americans say that if they were new parents and could find out just after their baby is born about their child’s genetic risk of getting a treatable early onset disease, they would want to know. Similarly, 92% of Americans think it is important for new parents to be able to learn about their baby’s genetic risk of treatable early-onset conditions that typically manifest in a child’s first 10 years.

“This poll to assess the attitudes of consumers toward genetic screening for newborns is just one component of our overall program to gain new insights into genomic health,” said Eric Schadt, PhD, Founder and CEO of Sema4. “We seek to understand, in partnership with our patients and the scientific and medical communities, the benefits of obtaining supplemental genetic information at birth. To this end, we are in the process of launching a clinical study to explore the utility of supplemental newborn screening to both patients and physicians, including how individuals respond to this new type of actionable information, what actions they take as a result, and how this ultimately impacts health outcomes and healthcare utilization.”

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